My Blog Broke

Well, that’s what I get for not staying up to date with backups. Somehow, my web host deleted all my key files from my blog database. What does that mean? It means I just wasted about half of my day trying to restore my blog to what it was like back in September.

Things will be a little broken for a few days as I continue to refine things, but most of my posts are already back on line. How?

I have something that’s almost as good as a backup. I have a friend, Mary, who saves all the emails I send her. She just forwarded back to me all my emails from this blog. I wrote a script to convert those emails and upload them back to my blog, but you will notice a few things have been lost in the process.

  • Some formatting has been messed up. Please notify me if you see anything that looks strange.
  • All categories added since September have been lost, so I’ll be working to recreate those things. The bottom line is that if you have subscribed to a particular sermon series, it might be broken for a while.
  • All comments posted since September have been lost, and there’s nothing I can do about that. We had some good discussions going on in a few of them, but they are all gone now.
  • Any post that I updated AFTER it was emailed (and that was a number of them) has been reverted to what it was when it first got mailed.
  • ALL of my “Private” posts that I did since September have been lost. You would never have seen them, but I am mourning the loss of a good amount of personal stuff.

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