Starting a new series tomorrow… on Fear

Tomorrow I’m starting a new series of messages going through the book of Joshua entitled “Fearless.”
I wanted to write this quick little post to let you know about it because I think it’s a really timely study for us.
Our church has been through a lot this year. The biggest transition, of course, is that we had to say good-bye to the Hardy family when Pastor Billy took a job as a lead pastor at a church in Illinois. Although we were all proud of his accomplishment graduating from seminary, and although we were happy for his family that he was moving on to follow God’s call in his life, their move also brought with it a lot of sadness and a need for a major shift in our ministry.
Of course, the biggest thing to notice whenever a key leader leaves a church is that attendance likewise shifts. When a leader leaves a church, it’s one of the main triggers for families who loved that leader to begin exploring other church options, and we have lost our fair share of people.
Furthermore, the loss of people means the loss of volunteer energy, the loss of ministry momentum, and even the loss of financial resources. We’ve encountered all those things.
And to be honest, I’ve had my moments of fear. I usually use the word “worry” but that’s not really any better, and it’s more accurate to call it what it is: Fear. Fear that too many people will leave. Fear that we won’t have enough money. And you know my biggest fear? Fear that our temporary challenges will hinder us the the point that we won’t be effective in reaching the people God is calling us to reach with the message of Jesus.
That last one is really my main fear… it’s a persistent fear.
I’m afraid that we won’t be able to successfully achieve our mission of helping people (especially those who don’t know Jesus) discover life in Christ!
That’s why I’m launching a series about “Fear” and being “Fearless.” Because I need it. And because we need it.
Our ministry is different now, that’s for sure, but that just means it’s a new day. It’s time for us to step into this new reality, to cross the river into our promised land, to claim the victory that God is promising to his church, and to embrace the fearless attitude of people who are more than conquerors.
And perhaps there’s a fear in your life that God wants you to overcome.
And perhaps you know someone else who is facing a big fear.
This is the time.
Let’s see what God has to say about our fears and how to become fearless.
Make sure you are there tomorrow for the start of this new study!

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