Your Feelings on In-Person Gatherings

It has been a long time since we have been all together. I constantly think back to the beginning of the year when we decided to get all of us together for one worship gathering every Sunday so that we would renew our sense of community together, and then… well, and then, am I right?

Anyway, while many churches and businesses have gone back to basically normal operations, we have attempted to err on the side of caution throughout this season and have remained largely online. We still say that our live stream is the primary way we are doing our Sunday worship, but every week, we have a number of people who attend our broadcast in person, and with the State of Indiana set to lift basically all COVID restrictions at the middle of this month, it’s time for us to seriously revisit the idea of resuming in-person worship as our primary Sunday experience.

To be frank, I have my own misgivings about it, and I know that there are a diversity of opinions among all of you too, so I want to hear what you are thinking.

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