Popple Rocks

It’s late at night and my wife is asleep on the couch, but I just have to post this before I go to bed. Tonight at the Skylight Coffeehouse in Lafayette, I went to the open mic night as I usually do on Thursdays. Tonight, however, I was actually hosting, and I performed a little […]

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028-04 — Returning To God

As soon as Nehemiah has spoken the words of confession in his prayer to God, he asks God to “Remember” his promises to the people of Israel that he would restore them if they returned to him. In this message, I look at why returning to God is important, and what it requires. Download Now

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028-03 — We Turn From Sin

To listen or download this message, click here: We Turn From Sin # What’s Going On? # Yesterday, I gave a message to my congregation, and afterward, a friend of mine who was visiting, said, “Jeff, you’ve got kahoonas!” (Can I say that on a “pastor’s” website? — yeah, sure!) It was all because I […]

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God Wants You to Hear Him

NWBC-027-02 It’s true. God really wants you to hear him. The Bible isn’t an esoteric , spiritually difficult book like many have sometimes thought. Sure, there are some editions that have ancient Shakespeare-like language, but God doesn’t speak King James English. God speaks to our hearts by speaking through his servants. God wants you to […]

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Can You Hear Him?

NWBC-027-01 This is the first message of the series. It’s just an introduction to the whole series, but in it I identify three important truths about the Bible: You can hear God’s voice in your Bible. You can understand your Bible. You can live by your Bible. I also deal with this important passage: All […]

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Sermons & Podcasting

I’m getting really excited about this new world of internet “blogging,” and something that has really gotten me excited is a new method of content distribution called “Podcasting.” Click on the link to know more about it, but basically, podcasting is a way for you to set up an automatic download of my sermon each […]

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