God Wants You to Hear Him


It’s true. God really wants you to hear him. The Bible isn’t an esoteric , spiritually difficult book like many have sometimes thought. Sure, there are some editions that have ancient Shakespeare-like language, but God doesn’t speak King James English. God speaks to our hearts by speaking through his servants. God wants you to hear him!

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2 thoughts on “God Wants You to Hear Him

  1. Hey Jeff,

    Sadly the “download” link does not work 🙁

    I think one of the other sermons within this series didn’t work either… think you could double-check to make sure they are all up there 🙂

    I’ve started compiling sermons of all my friends and wanted to get your series into my little collection 🙂

    I can feel it is getting close to the time for me to get back into ministry (after seven years of not being behind a pulpit) and really want to try to immersed myself with the preached Word of God again!

    What I have heard of your messages have all been right-on and solid… so keep it coming brother!

    John B. Abela

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