035-05 Getting Motivated

Download Audio | Download Notesheet One of the biggest things that keeps us back from a life of fulfilling our purpose is a lack of motivation. In this message, I simply try to address some simple things that can help us get motivated to live lives of purpose, helping people get connected to God.

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035-04 Overcoming Fear

| Download Audio | Download Notesheet | If we want to be fulfilled in life, we can’t let anything hold us back. Fulfillment comes when we live out our purpose. Our purpose is to connect other people with their Creator God, but too often we let fears hold us back from living out our purpose. […]

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035-03 Fulfilling Our Pain

Download Audio This message is the third in my series on fulfillment and covers one of the most deeply personal issues I’ve addressed so far at Southside Church. The bottom line claim is that pain and struggles are opportunities for us to find fulfillment as we live out our God-given purpose. I know that’s a […]

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