035-03 Fulfilling Our Pain

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035 Fulfilled

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This message is the third in my series on fulfillment and covers one of the most deeply personal issues I’ve addressed so far at Southside Church. The bottom line claim is that pain and struggles are opportunities for us to find fulfillment as we live out our God-given purpose.

I know that’s a pretty strong claim to make, but I believe it. I’m convinced that God has a purpose for the pain we go through and when we live in the purpose, we can actually find fulfillment in our pain.

Listen up and tell me what you think.


  1. Mary Martin

    I’d like the print copy please, it’s easier to study then listening to the audio, especially here at work.

    I know about pain, physical, mental and emotional and all the benefits.

    I still have some to deal with…..

  2. Jeff Post author

    Hah! Since my hard drive crashed, my workflow has been hampered, and I don’t have a PDF of this week’s notesheet. I might be able to come up with one sometime, though.

    Basically, my point was that pain is an opportunity for God to get glory, for us to take part in God’s long-term plan, and for us to be instruments of God’s grace to others.

    I bet you know what each of those is all about. 🙂

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