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What I believe about God’s Revelation

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I know that some people are especially interested in the bigger details of faith, so I decided to post here my full “Doctrinal Statement.” This is the first post in this series, and it reflects the “short form” of my Doctrinal Statement. If you wish to download my entire Doctrinal Statement in either short form or its more detailed version, I will have those links posted soon. The rest of the posts in this series will be filed under the “What I Believe” category. Continue reading

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LWL 101: Living a Life of Worship

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According to Jesus, the greatest command in all the Bible is this:

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind and all your strength” (Mark 12:30).

In other words, the most important thing for people to work on in their lives is to cultivate a deep love for God that permeates every aspect of their lives. This kind of love is a love that puts God first above everything else. Ultimately, that’s the foundation point of the spiritual life. It’s a life that acknowledges God’s supremacy over everything.

That’s what we mean by “worship.”

Here’s a sample page from the teacher’s edition of the curriculum:

LWL 101 sample page

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Life Worth Living

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The spiritual growth curriculum that I’ve been developing for the past four years is a series of classes called “Life Worth Living.”

The classes are based on the four core commitments of the spiritual life arranged in logical order:

    <li>Worship: God is number one in my life.</li>
    <li>Community: I need others as much as they need me.</li>
    <li>Growth: Once I stop growing I start dying.</li>
    <li>Ministry: I find fulfillment in giving of myself for the sake of others.</li>

More will be coming soon…

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