Today’s Tweets! ( 2009-03-06 )

<li>”Sitting in my Next Steps Coaching group… Thinking… stay tuned.” <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>””1-1 discipleship is the underbelly of your ‘class’ system.”” <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>”The Ministry Flow: public services &gt; fish pool events &gt; small groups &gt; 1-1 discipleship” <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>”Discipleship involves training people with specific outcomes in mind. What are the outcomes?” <a href=”″>#</a></li> […]

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Today’s Tweets! ( 2009-03-04 )

<li>@<a href=””>jasongordon</a> Hey, have you and Jason heard about the TEAMM pastor’s prayer breakfast tomorrow? <a href=”″>in reply to jasongordon</a> <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>”Today, I was asked to serve on the leadership team of our local association of Christian ministries! What an honor!” <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>@<a href=””>jasongordon</a> It’s at 8:00 at the MCL Cafeteria on Sagamore […]

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Today’s Tweets! ( 2009-03-03 )

<li>@<a href=””>jasongordon</a> So what were the stats yesterday? Any new commitments? <a href=”″>in reply to jasongordon</a> <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>”getting to work some more on the novel…” <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>@<a href=””>jasongordon</a> Praise God! (don’t stop until it hits 88 mph!) <a href=”″>in reply to jasongordon</a> <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>”I just finished my novel. Wanna buy a copy?” […]

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Today’s Tweets! ( 2009-02-27 )

<li>”Finished cleaning out my inbox! That is, I sorted it all down to the 41 emails I need to do something with tomorrow.” <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>”Safari4 Beta custom CSS file = no ads atop myspace anymore. WOOHOO!” <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>”” <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>”Safari4 Beta custom CSS file = no ads atop myspace anymore. WOOHOO!” <a […]

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Today’s Tweets! ( 2009-02-26 )

<li>”I am going to bed… I know it’s uber-late, but I wanted to make sure everything was ready for Commitment Sunday!” <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>”Something amazing is about to happen. For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully co … <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>”We had a great day […]

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Tweets! ( 2009-02-22 )

<li>”bought a Microsoft comfort keyboard for the hopefully better ergonomics… trying to get used to the keys being millimeters away from w … <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>”Put some time into my novel today… the current chapter is really slow work… getting ready for worship practice now.” <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>”Kids are about to come home, but I […]

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Tweets! ( 2009-02-15 )

<li>”We had a great day this morning at church. 13 Baptized, 152 Attended, 3 Children Dedicated, $2500 Given, 60 Committed… Read the blog … <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>”Tonight, I used Ubuntu to help a friend back up his Vista machine so he could re-install Vista again because Vista won’t upgrade when b … <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>…because […]

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Tweets! ( 2009-02-08 )

<li>Step One: Launch OpenOffice Calc. Step Two: In any cell type =GAME(“StarWars”) and hit Enter. <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>going to practice with the band… should be some fun! <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>Back from practice at Eric’s house, and realizing that once again, I’ll be using Linux to save someone’s Windows machine! <a href=”″>#</a></li> <li>@<a href=””>jeffmikels</a> I’m sending […]

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