Tweets! ( 2009-02-08 )

    <li>Step One: Launch OpenOffice Calc. Step Two: In any cell type =GAME("StarWars") and hit Enter. <a href="">#</a></li>
    <li>going to practice with the band... should be some fun! <a href="">#</a></li>
    <li>Back from practice at Eric's house, and realizing that once again, I'll be using Linux to save someone's Windows machine! <a href="">#</a></li>
    <li>@<a href="">jeffmikels</a> I'm sending a tweet to myself... personal reasons. <a href="">#</a></li>
    <li>@<a href="">jeffmikels</a> feeling like a narcissist sending myself so much love. <a href="">#</a></li>
    <li>I am back in after being out. Unbelievably cold for me today. What's up with my body temp? <a href="">#</a></li>
    <li>testing twitter updates from my shiny python API <a href="">#</a></li>
    <li>"I am testing my twitter updater" <a href="">#</a></li>
    <li>"Twitter updater is back online, and now I can get twitter replies by SMS to my phone... tech is sweet!" <a href="">#</a></li>
    <li>"spending a few minutes in study and writing before tackling the mountain of email and whatnot!" <a href="">#</a></li>
    <li>@<a href="">r_bryan_kane</a> what stuff are you coding man? <a href="">in reply to r_bryan_kane</a> <a href="">#</a></li>
    <li>@<a href="">jeffmikels</a> i like tweeting myself <a href="">#</a></li>
    <li>@<a href="">jeffmikels</a> especially now that I've figured out how to get only replies to go to my cell phone <a href="">#</a></li>
    <li>"just heard from nichole that Rob will be back on March 6! Keep praying for safety." <a href="">#</a></li>
    <li>"just finished the initial assembly of our baptism testimony videos for Sunday. It's going to be one incredible day!" <a href="">#</a></li>
    <li>"Finally going to bed, but eager to start the day tomorrow." <a href="">#</a></li>
    <li>"I have the t-shirts for baptism tomorrow. They look good, but they'll look even better when wet! Praise God!" <a href="">#</a></li>
    <li>"I am going to bed... I know it's uber-late, but I wanted to make sure everything was ready for Commitment Sunday!" <a href="">#</a></li>
    <li>"Something amazing is about to happen. For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully co ... <a href="">#</a></li>

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