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Log for June 5, 2006

Update from Last Week

  • New Contacts Made (Liz, Heath, Ryan, Andrea) — 4
  • Face to Face Meetings
  • Events

    • Tuesday Study with one family
    • Wednesday Bible 101 launch
    • Thurs. hosted open mic night at coffeehouse
    • Fri watched kids for friends
    • Sat. hosted BBQ for soccer team
    • Sun. hosted Vision gathering (meal, communion, and discussed Acts 2:42ff).

Today’s work

  • Met with Ron about office space.

    • We can lease 1200 square feet next to Bar Barry Liquors for $12 / sq ft per year with a 5 year lease (and the rights to sublet).
    • We can lease however much we want for about $11 etc. in the Sycamore Village.
    • We can purchase an end unit in the Sycamore Village of whatever size we want for $135 / sq ft (includes a $41 build-out credit, so we could offer $90 or so and do our own build-out). This end unit would provide a place to have street-visible signage.
  • Meet with Pam to conclude Christianity 101 session 4
  • Update family finances
  • Write checks
  • Called Doug to set up meeting sometime (waiting for call back)

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We’re not competing with other churches.

One of the truths about church planting is this:

We aren’t competing with other churches. We are competing with all the unspiritual ways people spend their time.

But sometimes it’s hard to really believe it.

This last weekend, Jen and I found on our door a flyer that seems to be for a new church getting started in the same area as we are. Here’s the flyer:

Wea Bible Church flyer side 1Wea Bible Church flyer side 2

Basically, they are running a Vacation Bible School down here (really close to our house) and they are asking people if they are interested in joining a Bible Study. As far as I can tell, they haven’t started any meetings yet.

I’m a competitive person by nature, and it’s hard for me not to feel competitive at this. In fact, there are some things they are doing that I think are missing the boat when it comes to church planting, but I don’t want to turn this into a rant against them.

In fact, I want to see if there is some way that “Wea Bible Church” and “southside church” can join forces and work together to reach the people here for Jesus. There might be some good opportunities for cooperation because Wea Bible Church doesn’t actually have a church plant pastor. Rather, it is currently being run as a ministry of Battleground Bible Church.

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