Log for June 5, 2006


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Update from Last Week

  • New Contacts Made (Liz, Heath, Ryan, Andrea) — 4
  • Face to Face Meetings
  • Events

    • Tuesday Study with one family
    • Wednesday Bible 101 launch
    • Thurs. hosted open mic night at coffeehouse
    • Fri watched kids for friends
    • Sat. hosted BBQ for soccer team
    • Sun. hosted Vision gathering (meal, communion, and discussed Acts 2:42ff).

Today’s work

  • Met with Ron about office space.

    • We can lease 1200 square feet next to Bar Barry Liquors for $12 / sq ft per year with a 5 year lease (and the rights to sublet).
    • We can lease however much we want for about $11 etc. in the Sycamore Village.
    • We can purchase an end unit in the Sycamore Village of whatever size we want for $135 / sq ft (includes a $41 build-out credit, so we could offer $90 or so and do our own build-out). This end unit would provide a place to have street-visible signage.
  • Meet with Pam to conclude Christianity 101 session 4
  • Update family finances
  • Write checks
  • Called Doug to set up meeting sometime (waiting for call back)

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