Archive for November 10th, 2006

A new website has recently been created by Justin Carboneau called with the primary purpose of giving people a place to share their personal testimonies online. It’s an interesting concept, and his web design isn’t half bad, but I’m personally unsure of the value such a site might have. From the website:

This site was started to encourage people to share their testimony about how they came to have faith in Christ. It is also meant to inspire people to grow in their relationship with God, by seeing how God has worked in the lives of people across the world. My hope is that every Christian who visits this site will share their testimony, because everyone who accepts Christ as their savior has an incredible story to share with the world.

What do you think?

All I can say is that God must like it when I’m working on the computer (sometimes) because tonight at the Skylight, I found out that one of the computers had a virus on it. I’ve worked on those computers before, so Kim told me I could take a look at it.

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