Tonight at the Skylight

All I can say is that God must like it when I’m working on the computer (sometimes) because tonight at the Skylight, I found out that one of the computers had a virus on it. I’ve worked on those computers before, so Kim told me I could take a look at it.

While I was looking at it, though, I was approached by a young man who heard me use the word virus and asked me if I knew anything about computers because he had a laptop with some problems and wanted some help with it! It turns out the fellow is a member of the West Lafayette LDS church. I sat with him, his wife and their friend, and we had a great conversation about Mormonism and Mormon worship. It was really interesting.

After they left, I went back to the computer and before long, two ladies came in all dressed up and approached me with a friendly word or two and sat down near me, so I struck up a conversation with them. Absolutely incredible women they are! It turns out that Sarah is the owner of a newspaper in Pennsylvania that holds the record as the world’s smallest daily paper in terms of circulation! If I had the link to it right now, I’d put it in.

Anyway, the three of us got into a very interesting conversation about spirituality and the Bible. Here’s a challenging thought:

C.S. Lewis coined the famous “Lord, Liar, Lunatic” apologetic for the identity of Christ, but what if Jesus was a great con man who then went crazy immediately before he was killed? Would it be possible for him to be both a Liar and a Lunatic?

Of course, I personally think the evidence all put together mitigates against that kind of thinking, but nonetheless, it was a thought I had never challenged myself with before.

At any rate, God gave me two great conversations tonight at the coffeehouse. That’s two great conversations tonight and one great conversation last week. I feel blessed.