24 Theological Questions

Here are 24 key theological questions that I plan to answer here as I get the time. I should probably just make a commitment to do one answer per day… We’ll have to see! Follow my progress by clicking on the category link -> 24 Theological Questions

  1. What is Scripture’s major theme and purpose?
  2. How would you defend the authority of Scripture?
  3. Where do you stand on the inerrancy of Scripture? Why?
  4. What were the standards followed to develop the canon of Scripture?
  5. Explain and defend your view of the Trinity.
  6. How do you understand the ministry of the Holy Spirit and His gifts in the church today?
  7. What are the conditions of salvation? (believe? repent? confess? surrender? subsequent obedience?)
  8. Assurance of salvation: Can I lose my salvation if I continue to sin?
    How can someone know with confidence that he or she is a Christian?
  9. What is your understanding of church government?
    (a) Can women be elders in your church? Why or why not?
    (b) Does the pastor have a greater authority than other leadership positions?
    (c) What are the functions and qualifications for your leaders?
  10. Support the ministry priorities of your church from Scripture.
  11. Under what conditions would you discipline someone from your church? How?
  12. Which is more important: numerical growth in your church or the spiritual growth of the
    people you already have coming? If your church grows, how will you insure the spiritual
    growth of your people? In other words, how do you understand the process of
  13. Eschatology: What is your basic understanding of end times and how central will issues
    related to end times be to your ministry?
  14. Explain and defend the concept of believer’s baptism.
  15. What is your theology of stewardship? tithing?
  16. What will you require of those wishing to be married under your ministry? Live-ins,
  17. What is Biblically acceptable worship? What is the Biblical basis for contemporary music in
  18. What is your position on social issues: abortion, homosexuality, cloning, surrogacy,
    genetic engineering, war, nuclear weapons, death penalty, feminism, masturbation, use of
    alcohol, dancing, Halloween, Christmas decor, religious symbols & art, etc.
  19. If a person from any of the following groups were to challenge you to show them at least
    three major differences between what you believe and what they believe, what major
    differences would you delineate?
    Mainline Christian denominations, Catholicism, Liberal Christianity, Mormonism,
    Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science, Scientology, New Age Movement, Occultism,
    Free Masonry, Eastern Mystics, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam
  20. Define and defend the concept of “justification by faith.”
  21. How do you determine God’s vision for your church? How will you know it is from God?
  22. What is the role and importance of prayer in the planting of a church and seeing lives
  23. To whom are you accountable? Who has authority over you?
  24. Describe the role of God’s sovereignty and human free will in the process of salvation.