An incredible leadership training opportunity

This past week, Jen and I had the privilege to attend the Willow Creek Leadership Summit via satellite. Over the past five years, I have been able to attend four of these events live at the South Barrington campus, and they have been remarkably impacting for me.

This year, though, it was a little too far and a little too expensive to attend the main campus, so we went to the Noblesville satellite location, and even though it was by video, it was still incredibly powerful. I have really appreciated all the leadership resources that Willow Creek puts out.

Well, they have just announced a leadership training opportunity that has all the others beat. It’s called South Haven and it is an intimate, intensive 1.5 day experience. Bill Hybels, Dr. Henry Cloud, and Jack Groppel will host 25 senior pastors to explore the issues facing high capacity church leaders. As soon as we heard about it, Jen looked at me and said that I needed to go.

So, we stepped out in faith and signed me up for it. The problem? It’s $2500.

It’s crazy, though because just one hour before they announced this, I told Jen that I would be willing to spend about $5000 to be able to sit down and have a face to face meeting with Bono of U2. If I’m willing to spend that much to see Bono, shouldn’t I be willing to spend half that much to sit with some leaders who will help me maximize my leadership potential?

I think so.

If you want to learn more about South Haven, click here. If you want to join me, I will be going to the first session in October. If you want to help me get there: