ffmpeg compilation script for Ubuntu

Ubuntu doesn’t provide the latest ffmpeg or include the modules I use all the time, so I wrote a little script to automatically compile and install my own version: #!/bin/sh # https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/CompilationGuide/Ubuntu # SERVER COMPILATION SKIPS ffplay AND A X11 DEPENDENCIES echo ‘THIS SCRIPT USES SUDO, SO IT MIGHT ASK FOR YOUR PASSWORD’ sudo apt-get […]

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My Statement to the Lafayette City Council on Gender Identity

Last night, the Lafayette City Council met to consider putting an amendment into the Lafayette Human Relations Ordinance. Some time ago, the city codified a “Human Relations Ordinance” to fight against discrimination in our town. It created a Human Relations Commission tasked with the job of investigating cases of discrimination in our city and offering […]

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The Ethics of Superintelligence

Today, during my lunch, I watched a very interesting TED presentation from Nick Bostrom regarding machine intelligence and the difficult questions surrounding it. What I didn’t realize at the time was that Bostrom is a Philosopher more than an engineer. As a result, his talk ended up being about the ethical questions brought on by the […]

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Do the courts define marriage?

Same-sex Marriage is Now the Law of the Land On June 26, 2014, wlfi.com published an article with this headline: Same-sex couples wed at Tippecanoe Co. Courthouse After great amounts of debate earlier this year over the locally infamous HJR-6, a resolution by the two houses of Indiana state government to put a prohibition against […]

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