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It’s been nearly half a year since I changed the look of my blog here. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I could make it better or more attractive? Just asking you to give me some constructive criticism. Please be kind!


  1. John B. Abela


    How about a complete list of all of your available sermons, preferably in .mp3 or .ogg format.

    I have a subscription to your podcast, but I’m still missing some of your past sermons series 🙁


  2. Mary Martin

    I can’t get any of the old sermons to update on my Itunes either. I have from the Nehimiah series and Taste and See but I tried dragging the link as per instructions but it isn’t working.

  3. Pastor Jeff Post author

    Yeah, my blog is set up to only show the most recent 10 entries through the rss feed. That means you’ll only get the most recent 10 sermons in your podcast software.

    I’m gonna work on getting a page set up with links to all my media files, but if you want to get the sermons in your podcast software, you’ll have to subscribe to each series individually for now.

    I am considering making past series available in an easier to get download package together with my note sheets for that week’s message for a small subscription fee. What do you think about that?

  4. Mary Martin

    I was able to download all the sermons with the exception of
    the first set is the series on Habakkuk
    the second set was preached in Sept. 2001

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