FBFI and Piper

I noticed at this fellow’s blog that there is some awareness among Christians that the BGC is “endorsing” open theism. Here’s a quick link to the blog that clued me in.

… centuri0n: FBFI and Piper

I just have to quickly respond to that. First of all, if you don’t know what open theism is, you can go to www.gregboyd.com and find out. I’m not really endorsing his site, so you’ll notice there is no link to it.

Anyway, as a pastor in the BGC and a friend to many members of the national leadership including the President and his wife, I want to say a quick comment as well. The Open Theism “debate” and the tolerance of it is in practical terms limited to one individual who used to be a professor at Bethel Seminary. In fact, Greg Boyd no longer teaches at Bethel.

The BGC as a whole, however, has openly rejected the openness view of God…

I quote from the bgcworld.org website.

“Be it resolved that we, the delegates of the Baptist General Conference (who are also the delegates of Bethel College and Seminary) affirm that God’s knowledge of all past, present and future events is exhaustive; and, we also believe that the “openness” view of God’s foreknowledge is contrary to our fellowship’s historic understanding of God’s omniscience.”

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