God cares even if we don’t realize it

This morning, I was reading in the Old Testament book of Leviticus, and I was in the chapters giving the regulations for what kind of animals are okay to eat, what to do about dead animals, and what to do with skin rashes.

It’s interesting to me to think that the people of old had no idea what germs and viruses were. They had no idea what parasites were, yet the commands God gave them were exactly what they needed to protect them from these medical dangers.

I was struck with two thoughts in relation to that. First of all, I am grateful that God in heaven cares enough about people to give us such explicit instructions on what things are good for us and what things aren’t good for us. It truly does make me feel thankful to God for loving me enough to tell me not to eat a vulture or not to touch a dead weasel. It may seem a little silly to us in our day of antibacterial everything, but I can tell how important these commands would have been to people back then.

The second thing I thought about, though, was that the people of Israel would have had absolutely no idea why eating pork is a potentially dangerous thing to do. They had no awareness of trichinosis or anything else. What’s more, is that they had no ability to learn about the parasites present in pigs. It would be thousands of years before the theory of parasites would be understood. In other words, God gave them a command that they could not possibly understand, that they would never be able to figure out but one that they would benefit from if they kept it.

I take great comfort in the knowledge that God’s commands are given for my benefit even if I never understand his rationale behind them.