How long can you survive?

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  1. I didn’t do as well as you at the racing (about 3k on the second try). But, here are a couple web game suggestions for you that I find endlessly fun.

    Nanaca Crash!! – The instructions are in Japanese so it’ll take you a few times to get the idea. Here’s my instructions: click, hold, and release to determine your initial force and trajectory. The purple girl blocks your next impact with a pedestrian, the green girl stops you all together. The other two girls give you a boost. The guys change either your speed or your trajectory. There is a limit of three upward trajectory boosts (the red crosses). There are unlimited downward trajectory boosts (the blue cross) useful for aiming for a particular pedestrian that recharges when the flying man is above the trees but below the top edge of the screen.

    Tontie – A complex version of whack-a-mole using the numpad. The beta version is harder in the sense that there aren’t as many power-up objects available to the player. Version 1.0k is the latest iteration and it is more varied than the beta version. I can’t seem to get past the cyan-colored guys that swing the morning stars. Pick up coins to buy new gear!

    Tontie beta:
    Tonite 1.0:

  2. Cool Game Jeff! Here’s a new bar for everyone: 19,803

    Some tips for those who want to try the game:

    1. You approach the cars in the left lanes more slowly because they are going faster – like on a freeway. Thus, the cars in the right lanes are travelling extremely slowly and you approach them much faster. So, try to stay in the left 2 lanes.

    2. Not only can your car go side to side… but it can go up and down – ie faster or slower. Step on the gas or slam on the breaks. So, be agressive… step on the gas to make yourself an opening.

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