How to be a wise blogging pastor?

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Colossians 4:5 says this:

Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity.

As a pastor who’s got a blog, I’ve been thinking about how this verse relates to blogging. I’ve been blogging for over a year, and I don’t yet have a “manifesto” like this guy on what my blogging policy should be. However, I’ve been prompted this week by some friends to consider it, so I’m thinking through the issues.

As I see it, there are three ways for a pastor (or anyone for that matter) to do a blog.

  1. Use the blog as a personal journal where you “get naked” (according to a book on blogging by Robert Scoble the guy I linked to above.) in front of your virtual audience and basically share anything and everything. Of course, there is some room for discretion, but in general, it’s your personal journal viewable by the world.
  2. Use the blog as a “content management system” which basically means you maintain your own online magazine with articles essays and whatnot and use a blog mechanism to manage your content and people’s comments on your content. One example of that is The Resurgence.
  3. Use the blog as a hodge-podge mix of the two—blogging about whatever seems to come to mind. (I’m not sure it fits, but I’ll link to it anyway.) See Tim Challies’ blog for an example of a blog that attempts to be personal & academic though it weighs more toward the academic side.

As I’ve been around the net a while, it seems to me that the majority of “Gen X” church planters who blog opt for version 3 with a heavy leaning on option 1.

I’ve been using this site as mostly #3 so far. As you can see from my categories on the sidebar, I’ve got sermons, Bible studies, personal journal entries, exposing my own spiritual life, computer issues, and even some posts on internet fraud. You can see it is all over the map like a Christmas tree with every kind of ornament ever invented showing up on it.

In fact, it seems that my posts on self examination and internet fraud are my most popular. Are people even reading my blog to grow spiritually?

So the question I’m asking myself now is this: What kind of web presence should I have? If you have any comments on this, I’d like to read them. Or you can give me a call on my cell at 765-404-0807 to tell me what you think personally. If you want to think this through with me, check out the links I placed above or my links in the sidebar of my .

What kind of blog helps people grow spiritually?
transparent academic

Where would the X fall for you?


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  2. Christopher Klemm

    Hi Jeff!

    Nice to see you are asking these questions. I’ve also been around the blogging world for a while and have started (and killed) multiple blogs only to struggle with the same issues.

    As you already know, blogs play a specific part for both the author and the reader. They don’t always line up as intended but I think the general point is to ask yourself the basic, but fundamental question, “What is it tha I want to achieve with this blog”.

    Then other questions such as, “Who are my intended audiences?” may give you clues to the type and/or detail of the content you provide.

    Do what is comfortable to you and go with it…that’s my own opinion at least. In blogging, networking is so important and as you build the network, you start to see more clearly your blog’s “culture” (if I can say that in this way here?) and how it’s affecting others…and you for that matter.

    I think you have something good going here! I’ll be back at least! 🙂

    God’s rich blessings to you as you focus to serve Him also in the digital world!

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