I’m a bachelor again

Jen is gone this week because she is serving once again as an assessor at
the TeAmerica Church Planter’s Assessment Center in Green Lake,

The end result of it all is that I’m at home by myself, I’m working from
home, and I’m managing the kids.

So far, things are going really well. The best thing is that I have
discovered a new technique to getting our children to clean up their

Family Free-for-all

I’m calling it “Family Free-for-all” and the basic idea is that we give
our kids a few minutes to clean up their toys before yelling, “Family
free-for-all” and at that moment, any toy present in a common area of the
house becomes “common property” and may be claimed by anyone in the
house. If Katie sees a toy that belongs to Charlie, picks it up, and puts
it in her one of her toy boxes, then that toy belongs to Katie until it
comes back out to a common area of the house. If Katie wants to prevent
Charlie from taking a toy, she will need to grab that one as soon as she

I haven’t developed all the rules to the game yet, but we did a trial run
on Sunday, and it was incredible! For about 10 minutes, my two kids were
literally running through the house picking up toys and putting them
away! It was amazing. I think I’m going to stick with it for

I still have a lot of dishes to do.

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