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One of my favorite blog sites is because it takes a critical look at the way people present information in a public setting. As a pastor, I’ve been presenting information to people for a while now, and I’ve been using powerpoint to be a visual aid in the process, but this site has changed my thinking quite significantly on what it takes to give a good, entertaining, and memorable presentation. If you want to improve the way you communicate to groups of people, whether you use powerpoint or any other visual aids, you should give this website a good bookmarking.

Not long ago, the author of the site posted a list of significant books in the form of a Christmas buying guide. After reading it, I went to the library to pick up as many as I could find. I’ve only made it through one so far (and my library only had a couple of them). My next post will be a summary of the lessons I’ve learned from reading that book.

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