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Three years ago when I moved to Lafayette, I was encouraged to network with people, build as many relationships as possible, and invest in those relationships that showed promise. I was very quickly drawn to one particular fellow who seemed both spiritually curious and musically gifted.

I respect Marque for the depth of insight he has into life, the passion he has, the musical talent he has, and also the fact that he beat me at chess.

Well, I met him way back when I first moved to Lafayette, and we maintained a superficial relationship for about two years. But last Spring, God used our relationship to begin a very interesting chain of events.

We were meeting in the Holiday Inn, but they warned us at the beginning of March that we would not be able to have services there on the 23rd—Easter Sunday! I put in a phone call to the Long Center, a theater in downtown, and lo and behold, Marque was working there and was willing to open the place up for us that morning! If it weren’t for him, who knows what we would have done for Easter last spring! Also, because Easter went so well, we were able to make the move to the Long Center for our regular meeting place, and God has used that to grow our fellowship to nearly 100 every week.

Finally, Marque is now living in California, but he still sees me as a sort of spiritual advisor to him, so this week, I got a phone call from one of Marque’s friends who was referred to me by him. Long story short, this fellow is a solid soul who was looking for a little guidance and in our conversation, took his first big step on a journey with Jesus. We prayed together, and I’m confident that God is going to do amazing things in his life!

Pray for Ryan. He’s a good guy with great potential.

Pray for Marque. He’s making a new life for himself in California.

Invest in your own relationships. You never know where they will lead.

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  1. Lafayette, IN?? I have a friend that’s from there. His name is Simon Burke if you know him. I came by this site from another site. I was looking for the rss_template.tgz fill you made for the autoindex script. You have a really nice blog here.

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