Lafayette Initiative Begins!

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2 thoughts on “Lafayette Initiative Begins!

  1. Hey Brother Jeff (and family),

    I wanted to let you know that I got your letter in the mail on Friday.

    We (that would be: For Christ’s Ministry, ) have just started a fund drive to raise funds to build churches in Belarus and one Native American Reservation here in California.

    Give me a few weeks to see if I can reallocate some funds and get it your way.

    I reviewed your new newsletter and your website and it looks like you’ve done your home work on this. As the Word of God says… only a folly man ventures into something without plans. Nice to see my old friend is not doing so!

    John B. Abela

  2. John!

    Thanks for the kind words about my church plant proposal and my websites (I’m really starting to get into PHP, although I am curious about the potential of Rails and mod_python). Thanks also for considering us as a potential candidate for receiving some of your church plant funds. Jen and I really believe that God has some big plans for Lafayette, and we are really excited about getting to be a part of it!

    God bless!

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