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I just got back from my trip over to North Park University to post some signs for a worship leader job at my church. One of the things that I believe will help us navigate the transition of me leaving to plant a church in Lafayette and the next steps that Northwest Baptist will take is a stable and high quality worship service.

I had a really good experience there. Everyone was really friendly and with only a couple of hoops to jump through, I got four signs posted around the campus.

What was more interesting, though, is that right before I had to leave to pick up my son from school, I walked past the main campus chapel, and there inside was a girl playing the piano and singing. No one was around, so I just walked up and asked her if she ever did any worship leading. She said that she did, and we got to talking.

I don’t know if she is who God has in mind for our church or not, but I felt really encouraged that God gave me that kind of a contact in such a short amount of time.

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  1. Hey Jeff —

    I stumbled upon this blog about your searching for a worshiper. I know a few years have passed, and I am in Houston, but I would love to pick your brain for a moment.

    I’ve never met you before (and I’m sorry, but I never heard your name before either), but if you had any wisdom that you’ve acquired on your search (what you’re looking for — where you’re looking — etc, etc), I’m very interested. My wife is still a year out from graduating from the U. of Houston, and we are both working full time as well — so we’re kind of stuck in the metro for awhile. I know it sounds like we already have crazy lives, but I know that God has put a deep desire in my heart to worship — to help people connect with Him in a more intimate way. I know the popular term is “Worship Leader” — but I feel that I’m more of a “Worshiper” — not so much a cheerleader; more of a “follow me as I worship Christ.”

    I don’t even know if you’ll get this, but any thoughts on how to get in touch with someone out there praying for someone like me?

    Thanks for your time —

    Paul Killingsworth

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