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Church Planting

Today, Jen and I took the kids to the Mall of America because our conference doesn’t start until tomorrow and what else do you do in St. Paul, Minnesota? (Actually, I think St. Paul and Minneapolis are really cool, and I have seriously thought about moving here at times.)

Have you heard about the Mall of America? It is utterly huge! I’m not going to go into details about it. I’m sure you can google it if you want to. I’ll just say that we successfully navigated the ENTIRE mall and didn’t go broke:

  • One pair of flip-flops for Jen from Old Navy ($3.50) and we did NOT take advantage of the 2 for $5 sale.
  • One water wiggler toy for Katie and a set of three candy necklaces ($5 total from her own money).
  • One small bucket of LEGO pieces and a small LEGO tractor kit ($13 total from Charlie’s own money and an extra two dollars from Jen).
  • Lunch for about $12 at Nathan’s Famous (a hot dog stand that can’t hold a candle to any Chicago hot dog stand)
  • One bag of cotton candy on our way out ($3.50! Can you believe my cotton candy cost the same amount as Jen’s shoes!?)

While in the mall, we ran into The River Church‘s office. I had heard there was a church meeting in the mall each week, but I didn’t know they actually had an office there. The man in the office was the father-in-law of the pastor/church planter who started the church (about 5 years old as a church now) and said that the mall only recently allowed them to have an office presence there.

They pay $5000 each month for the office!

I also thought it was cool that The River Church is part of the same movement of churches that we are part of.

We had a good time today. Tomorrow, Charlie goes into the Elementary program, Katie goes into the standard Kids program, and Jen and I start our meetings. I look forward to these meetings each year and I hope to be challenged this year too.

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  1. Pastor Mike

    I have never met with Pastor Chris @ The River Church but I can tell you he is one top shelf kind, giving, helpful, Man of God. I was looking to plant a church at our local Mall and thought I would shoot him an email to see if I could run some questions by him. Well, much to my delight and amazement he took the time to call me , on his dime and talk to me for oer an hour on some of the ins and outs of how to get started.
    It is funny, he was so giving with his time and so encouraging with his heart ,
    If you are ever at the Mall of America I am sure you will see Pastor Chris from a distance, he will be the one with the hugh heart.
    He truly is in this fro the right reasons
    Mike O

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