Marriage on the Rocks? Read this!

An article recently posted on is not approaching marriage from a Christian perspective, but it is an excellent assessment of what has happened to the relationship between men and women in the past 40 years or so.

Here’s the gist: Men today grew up in a world where it was largely okay for a husband to work 50 hours a week, come home, sit in his chair, and watch TV until bedtime. However, though women have not lost the desire for men to be strong breadwinners, they have lost the patience for a man who would watch sports all night from his special chair. Instead, they are looking for a soulmate too.

However, the personality traits that make for financial success often are at odds with empathetic listening and intimate conversation.

As the article says:

It would be funny if it weren’t so painful. “It’s probably the real cause of half of all divorces,” according to Sam Margulies, a divorce [6] mediator in Greensboro, North Carolina, and author of several books on the subject of marital breakups. The changes in women’s lives — their roles, ambitions, opportunities — have been considered from every angle. But men’s lives have changed too, in ways that are more confusing, more contradictory and often less welcome. Men did not ask to have their roles redefined. Now, they’re looking for an instruction manual complete with fine print — and a translator’s guide as well.

What’s a man to do?

Please read the article and tell me what you think:

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