All Things New Part 07 :: Some Things Old

This is Pastor Jeff’s final message to Lafayette Community Church where he tells stories of key moments in the church’s history and describes how they represent the core values of the church. Plus, there is a time of Q&A at the end. Speaker: Jeff Mikels :: Passage: Various

Family Gratitude Part 01 :: Grateful

In this message, Pastor Jeff gives a few brief thoughts regarding what it means to be grateful for God’s blessings. We talk about tithing, and we talk about communion. Additionally, Jeff gives a bittersweet announcement regarding his family’s move to Upland, Indiana and an upcoming pastoral transition for LCC. We follow it all up with […]

One Thing Part 05 :: All Your Mind

In this message, Pastor Jeff illustrates the difficult relationship American Christians often have with intellectual pursuits and encourages us to love God by using our minds well. Speaker: Jeff Mikels :: Passage: Various