077-03 :: DOGMA Part 03 :: God the Father (w/ Live Q&A)

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What comes to mind when you think about God? What images come to mind? Do you think of God like an old man on a throne? Like a breeze blowing through the trees? Like an impersonal force? In this message, we learn that all human language for God falls short especially when we take what we know about words and apply that meaning to God. When it comes to God, we let God himself be the standard for what our words about him mean. He calls himself our Father, but to take lessons from our earthly fathers and make conclusions about God’s character based on that would get us into a lot of trouble. Instead, we take what God says about himself and let that shape our understanding of what it means to be Father.

It works the same way with all His attributes: holiness, wisdom, power, love.

Listen up to revel in the attributes of the God who made you.

Speaker: Jeff Mikels :: Passage: Various

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