The Great LCC Theocache Adventure Part 03 :: Almighty Sustainer

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In week 3 of our Theocaching adventure to discover the truths about God hidden in the Bible, Pastor Jeff takes us to a couple obscure passages. Along the way, we will learn that God can do anything He wants, and though that is somewhat obvious to anyone who believes in him, what is surprising is what God chooses to do!

In this message, Pastor Jeff refers to some images taken from the Hubble Space Telescope and some taken with an electron microscope. If you want to see those images, they can be viewed here:

Note from Pastor Jeff: I incorrectly reported that the Deep Field images were taken over the course of an entire year, when in actuality, they only spent about 10 days recording the images used in the final Deep Field image.

Speaker: Jeff Mikels :: Passage: Various

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