On self-determined beliefs

I’m amazed at how many people on their spiritual journey will accumulate beliefs that line up with the way they already think.

After all, some tribes believe that drinking human blood gives them physical strength. Some tribes believe that to become a man, one must endure the placement of hundreds of gashes on his body so the scars form into the appearance of an alligator. Some people believe that might and power are all that’s important.

Even some Christians believe that victory in theology, morality, or even physical violence trumps love. Who’s to say those beliefs are wrong and yours are right?

Consider this: Isn’t it a little too convenient that your conclusions of life are usually just slightly evolved versions of what you already believed?

Either you and I already knew all the truth we really needed, or we need a drastic paradigm shift to get us on track with the truth.

Where’s the dramatic paradigm shift in your life and how did it happen?

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