“Our God” (a song)

For a couple weeks now, I have been dissatisfied with the modern worship songs we’ve been singing in our church. The music is great, the beats are fun, the lyrics are powerful, but honestly, they aren’t very deep.

In particular, the majority of modern rock-style worship music puts God in the second person. Everything is about how great “You” are or about our relationship as humans to “You.” The problem with that kind of music is that it only works for people who have a relationship with God close enough to call him “You.” There are many people for whom God is only “God” or “He” and there are many times in our lives when we need to remember that God is “God” and not just another “You.”

In that light, I put some thoughts together this past week to write a song that would begin to reexamine for myself what a song about God might be like if it just told us about him.

It’s not a great song (please don’t flatter me by telling me it is great). It may have some potential to be rewritten, though. And on that note, I’ll post it here for you to hear if you make me a promise: Only listen if you are willing and ready to offer constructive criticism.

If the melody doesn’t work for you, tell me that. If the lyrics don’t work well, tell me that. If the instrumentation doesn’t work for you, tell me that. If my singing doesn’t work for you… well, you can keep that to yourself. I’m under no delusion that I’m anything special vocally.

Anyway, without further ado, here is “Our God”.

Our God (Second Rough Draft)

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