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One of the coolest things on the net that I know of right now is something called a “bookmarklet.” A bookmarklet is generally a web-link that you “drag” to the “bookmark toolbar” of your browser. I’m not sure how well it works in Internet Explorer, because I have long sinse left IE in the dust. Anyway, with this bookmarklet below, you can easily generate a new random password for each site you visit.

Here are a few links to some automatic password generators:

The most popular one is described here:

The actual bookmarklet is here:

  • Generate Password You can drag it to your browser’s bookmark list or button bar to keep it handy.

For exactly the same interface, but using only a site’s domain name (i.e. instead of, use this one:

The best looking and most customizable is found here:

The actual bookmarklet is here:

Note that as these get more popular and as more people use these same two password generators, the security of your password decreases, so still take care.

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