Postcard ideas for Choose Well

I’m working on some postcard ideas for my October series… Your comments are welcome!

CHOOSE WELL – Series Concept

  • Title: Choose Well
  • Subtitle: { four questions to guarantee good choices }
  • Felt need: Whether it’s during the time of an election or not, people feel a sense of anxiety when it comes to making decisions. The larger the decisions, the more anxiety is felt. Everyone needs a framework for decision-making that gives confidence in the eventual choice that’s made.
  • Topic Structure:
    • What is God’s Will (and how can I know it)? — The Most Important Question of All
    • What do wise people say (and who should I ask)? — Who can I trust for advice?
    • What does my heart say (and can I trust it)? — When can I do what I want?
    • Am I choosing on my own (and is that okay)? — When should I go out on a limb?
  • Postcard:

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