Random thought on the morals of sexuality

In our day today, many Christians oppose the increasing tolerance toward extra-marital sex. Of course, some are militant, but others are honestly opposed to the proliferation of loose sexual morality while remaining non-judgmental.

On the other hand, many Christians are being ostracized by the media and others for their “conservative” and “irrational” or “archaic” views on sexuality. The continuing crisis of pedophilia among ministers doesn’t help us on this front.

However, the thought came to me today that in ancient Greek society, pedophilia (in the form of pederasty) was a natural and common part of early education. Boys who grew up without having an adult male sexual partner were outcasts. The ancient Christians opposed this practice heavily. Who was right?

Of course the lesson I take away from this is twofold:

  • Societal sexual morals have always been loose and opposing that looseness in the past has proven to be the right course of action.
  • Christians, especially leaders, must live well by a higher standard if we ever expect anyone else to follow suit.