Random thought on the morals of sexuality

In our day today, many Christians oppose the increasing tolerance toward extra-marital sex. Of course, some are militant, but others are honestly opposed to the proliferation of loose sexual morality while remaining non-judgmental.

On the other hand, many Christians are being ostracized by the media and others for their “conservative” and “irrational” or “archaic” views on sexuality. The continuing crisis of pedophilia among ministers doesn’t help us on this front.

However, the thought came to me today that in ancient Greek society, pedophilia (in the form of pederasty) was a natural and common part of early education. Boys who grew up without having an adult male sexual partner were outcasts. The ancient Christians opposed this practice heavily. Who was right?

Of course the lesson I take away from this is twofold:

  • Societal sexual morals have always been loose and opposing that looseness in the past has proven to be the right course of action.
  • Christians, especially leaders, must live well by a higher standard if we ever expect anyone else to follow suit.

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6 thoughts on “Random thought on the morals of sexuality

  1. I’m glad you touched on the belief of non-Christians that your doctrine is archaic. It absolutely is, and I hope you get the chance to respond to my comments on your review of “For the Bible Tells Me So,” in which I respond to that very fact.

    Your example of the Greek practice of pedophilia is incredibly flimsy, as that was ALSO an archaic way of thought. Unlike your beliefs, however, the Greeks evolved. When, if ever, will Christians evolve in their thinking? A doctrine from a time when the world was believed to be flat can only hold so much weight in the modern day. If any weight at all. Just like you love to discredit the Koran, even though Jesus is often quoted in the text (and not in a negative light by any means).

    I wonder, will Christians ever take off the blinders and see the world for what it is, or are they on a never-ending mission to discredit doctrine and texts that so closely parallel theirs?

    How can YOUR doctrine be the ONE and ONLY true way? How can your beliefs be the ONLY one that is correct?

    I realize these are questions you cannot answer, but hope that you may at least consider them. But then, I also hope the Cubs will win the World Series.

    I do not hold my breath for either.

  2. “How can YOUR doctrine be the ONE and ONLY true way? How can your beliefs be the ONLY one that is correct?”

    John 14:6 – “Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

  3. @ben

    Your comment is based on a logical argument that goes like this:

    • Christian doctrine is archaic.
    • Greek pederasty was archaic.
    • The Greeks got over their beliefs.
    • The Christians should also get over theirs.

    In the process, you accuse me of discrediting the Koran (spelled correctly as Qur’an) and then attack me and other Christians for being exclusive in our faith. Finally, you once again belittle me with your final comment that the possibility of me giving actual thought to your comments is equivalent to the Cubs winning the World Series.

    I would appreciate it if you would take me at face value and not associate me with your mental image of Christians, and please don’t compare me or anything about me to the Cubs. The only similarity I have with the Cubs franchise is that for both of us, only a miraculous work of God’s grace can make us good.

    Anyway, your argument is simply not good. Allow me to make a similar argument:

    • The principles of buoyancy in water discovered by Archimedes are archaic.
    • The principles of Ptolemaic astronomy are archaic.
    • Astronomy has rejected Ptolemy.
    • The Navy should reject Archimedes’ thoughts on buoyancy.

    Just because something is old, doesn’t make it bad. Regarding my point above in the article, the Christian notions of conservative, monogamous, marital sexuality were the right course of action in the loose moral culture of the ancient Greeks.

    Where I think the real problem lies is in the fact that Christians are sexual hypocrites. Many Christians verbally and vigorously oppose the sexual morals of our day while actually living by them.

  4. Hey Jeff, your topic gave me reason to read your posting, for obvious reason. There are many people who say that Christians are very intolerant because we do not accept other sexual world views. I am more than willing to listen to other world views on this topic…but acceptance is another story. If we wan to engage the world in dialogue we have to allow its views to be examined as more than a “straw Man.” I commend you for posing such a delicate question for discourse. Thanks.

  5. In response to Ben’s question, “How can YOUR doctrine be the ONE and ONLY true way? How can your beliefs be the ONLY one that is correct?”, please allow me to share this thought. The thing that differentiates Christianity from all other world religions is this…Christianity is the only religion of which it’s leader, founder, and savior is still alive today! I don’t know about you, but I have a lot more hope in a Savior who is alive. A savior who cannot raise himself from the dead will have an awfully hard time raising me!

  6. Archaic ideas are not necessarily bad. The nature of absolute truth is that it is true for all ages. Ben’s ideas have a feel of arrogance about them for assuming that today’s age is better than any of the past. Our age has made as many or more mistakes than other ages. And I don’t see it getting any better.

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