“Salvation Challenge” Board Game

I watched this video and couldn’t believe my eyes! It’s a board game that is supposed to be an effective witnessing tool, but it looks to me like something right out of Ned Flanders’ ( click here or click here ) game closet, and by that, I mean really creepy.

From Glory to God Games:

Salvation Challenge Board Game

“Salvation Challenge TM is a family game for 2-6 players. Each player starts with one million in kingdom cash. Players need to get ‘saved’ by landing on Calvary and making the salvation call, ‘Jesus save me’, before they are able to carry out certain activities.

Once Saved the players enter a race, to see who can be the first to give one million cash to missionaries, who further advance God’s kingdom…”

The red sticker on the man’s head is the in-game symbol of someone who has been saved!

If you have a few minutes to watch the video, check it out and then post your comments here.

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3 thoughts on ““Salvation Challenge” Board Game

  1. Uh… wow. This seems to me to be a lot like Christianspeak but in the format of a board game. In other words, the only people that understand it are already Christians. To everyone else, it’s just bizzaro-land.

    On another note:

    Lisa: Where are the dice?
    Todd: Daddy says dice are wicked.
    Rod: We just move one space at a time. It’s less fun that way.

  2. Let us remember that the “mark of the beast” located on the hand or the forehead is just another perversion of Lucifer to decieve people from what God instituted as Holy acts for His children. cf Deu 6:8, 11:18 (Tefillin on the arm and forhead) with Rev 14:9 (If anyone worships the beast and his image, receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand)

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