Series Pages

All Things New

God is making all things new… he will make all things new… it’s just what he does. Still, at the same time, he keeps revisiting the same old promise.

One Thing

What’s the one thing you want your life to be remembered for? What’s the one thing that’s more important to you than anything else?

The Pursuit (1 & 2 Samuel)

In the book of Samuel, everyone is chasing something. Some find what they are looking for and some don’t. Whether they find what they are pursuing depends entirely on what they are pursuing. What about us? What about you? What are you after?

On the Rock

In this series, we’re going back to the foundations of the Christian life and the church to realize they are both built on the same rock. By building our individual lives on the right foundation, and by doing it together with others, we get stability in our lives and also get to see Jesus build […]

Here Is Our King (Matthew)

The rule of the schoolyard tells us that you always want to be on the team with the strongest player… even if it’s a bully. It’s our greatest temptation, if we can’t be the strongest, to be on the same team as the strongest. We choose leaders who seem powerful because they make us feel […]

Everyone Matters

Pastor Reggie Alderman leads us through a straightforward two-part series helping us see the importance in every individual while seeing ourselves as individuals in community. Among followers of Jesus, everyone matters and everyone matters!

Hindsight Is 2020

2020, am I right? What in the world was that all about? In this series, we try to learn our lessons from last year to see what God has in mind for us moving forward.

Home for the Holidays

It’s 2020, and everyone is telling us to stay home for the holidays. Maybe you’re hunkering down, or maybe you are trying to travel, but one thing is for sure, this Christmas does not feel normal. Life isn’t normal, it’s not comfortable, but it can be better. No matter where you are, you can still […]