Our fundamental series working through the elements metaphors and their application to our spiritual growth.

Also check out my Vision Series because each January we tackle these same four themes from a new perspective.


Your life is like a star. No, not the celebrity kind of star, but the flaming ball of gas kind of star. Real stars are always walking the tightrope between exploding and collapsing. The immense force of gravity is offset by the tremendous forces in the core. That is our metaphor for the first month […]




It’s the human condition to live deflated lives. We all know we have a desire for something real and fulfilling. We all know there is something missing inside of us. We all know the sense of longing and pursuit and craving. We all know emptiness. This is a series about re-inflating our souls with the […]




Have you ever felt “burned out”? Most people have. It’s especially dangerous when we are spiritually burned out. So how do we stoke our spiritual fire? How do we keep it going once it’s been started? Exploring our second element, Pastor Jeff takes us on a journey through the biblical metaphor of Fire to show […]




Just beneath the surface or our lives, things lurk that can keep us from living the life God designed us to live. Sinful habits, painful wounds from the past, misunderstanding of the way God works, these things can all hold us back. In this series of messages, our pastoral team take us on a journey […]




We are most refreshed when God moves through us to refresh others. That is the Refreshment Principle. Jesus promises that all who believe in him will be given an infinite source of refreshment—joy, fulfillment, enthusiasm—and all that is necessary for us to unlock it is for us to give it to others. This core principle […]



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