Solving MMS Problems on Cricket Wireless

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I have an android phone running on the Cricket Wireless network. I followed all their recommended settings, but I still had a major problem. The phone would not send or receive MMS messages when I was connected to Wi-Fi.

Well, my solution was found on reddit, but I will just give you the quick summary here if you have found the same problem:

Do everything like Cricket suggests on their APN settings page, but instead of using where they tell you to, use the IP address of their servers directly. Pick one of the following numbers and use it instead of the


That should allow you to continue to use your favorite SMS app but still send and receive MMS regardless of your Wi-Fi settings.


  1. Douglas Green

    Thanks for the correct setting Jeff. I had my BLU android set up at the local Cricket office. Sometimes it would work , but most often not. I just sent 4 pix and they went immediately. Inserting the ip address makes all the difference.

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