Thoughts on the Problem of Evil

It seems so capricious and uncaring that a God would allow his own son to suffer, until you get the bigger picture that God loved the sinful world so much that he sacrificed one son, for three days, to gain billions of children for a sinless eternity.

We look at all pain and suffering from the human side of the cross, from the perspective of the disciples on Friday. From that angle, the crucifixion is the most terrifying work of evil ever done. Evil got Jesus, and it might get me too. God sacrificed his son, and he might sacrifice me too.

However, if we wait around just three days, we can gain a glimpse of the cross from God’s side, and in light of the resurrection, we see that the worst possible evil, was only temporary. The apparently careless God was working out an eternal plan.

Evil is temporary. Good is forever. The most apparently evil moment in history was simultaneously the moment of the greatest good.

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