We are back in Chicago

Yesterday we left the comforts of home for the latest Mikels family roadtrip. I have a hard time calling it a road trip because we are only going to Minneapolis from Lafayette which means we will only be about 9 hours away from home. Can that really be a road trip?

Anyway, our trip has three purposes:

Staying with the Martins

Dan and Mary Martin have graciously opened their home to us for last night and tonight. I’m typing this on their wireless connection (I helped them set it up about a year ago, and I’m glad that it’s still working!)

Dan is an amazing servant. I can’t ever get him to stop offering to do stuff for me. He is so generous and so caring that I often have to just tell him, “Dan, you have already done way more than is enough.” Mary is also a great encouragement. She can’t ever say enough good things to Jen and me. She’s a walking compliment machine for us and our ministry. It’s so amazing to have friends like them. (Thanks, Dan and Mary!)

Presentation at Faith

Our presentation went pretty well even though I went way too long during the first service. I chopped some stuff out in between services and was much more reasonable for the second service. Faith does a great job of videotaping their messages, so I should be getting a DVD in a week or so, and I’ll post my presentation here or at our church website >> thesouthsidechurch.org as soon as I get that.

Annual Meetings

We’ll be leaving tomorrow morning to head out to Minneapolis. We’ll be staying in a glorious Bethel University dormitory. (I hope they fixed the window from the last time I was there. Ask me to tell you about that one sometime!)

The meeting promises to be of major importance for the entire denomination, so stay tuned by email, web, or RSS, and I’ll keep you posted on the goings on.

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