What is “it”?

Some people have “it.” Some people don’t. Some people get “it.” Some people won’t.

Recently, I have been teaching a series of messages on what it means to have “it” as a believer. I mean, when you consider that Christians have a direct line of access to the God of the Universe, doesn’t it make sense that we should be expressing evidence of something special about us? Shouldn’t Christians be the most amazing, interesting, weird, and cool people on the planet?

In light of this, Pastor Reggie gave me a book this morning by Craig Groeschel entitled “It.” In the book, he talks about what he believes the “it” factor is for a church and an individual:

  • Passion for God’s presence
  • Deep craving to reach the lost
  • Sincere integrity
  • Spirit-filled faith
  • Down-to-earth humility
  • Brokenness

I agree with his points entirely except to recognize one extra nuance. An individual with all these things also needs to be in deeply encouraging relationships. Check out my messages over at Lafayette Community Church and let me know what you think.