Prayer Update

Hello, All of you know at this point that we are on our way to Lafayette, IN in the near future and hopefully most of you have received a full prayer update in your regular mail box at home—if not please respond to this and let me know and I’ll make sure you get one […]

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September’s Tuesday Fast

For the past two months, I have been taking the first Tuesday as a day for fasting and prayer. I’ve tried to do it with food and have gotten so distracted that I’ve messed up both times. This month (tomorrow) I’ll be fasting from computer / TV / radio use. If you think of me, […]

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Mad About Principles

For the past few months, I have been a very angry person at least on the inside, and I haven’t been able to figure out exactly what was wrong. Mad at God I went to a session during the spring time about getting emotionally healthy as a pastor, and the teacher encouraged us to do […]

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My Kryptonite

Superman had only one weakness (other than his crush on Lois Lane)—Kryptonite. If he was in the presence of this material, he would become as weak as a child. My kryptonite is lack of trust.

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My Transition Mission

For some time now, I have been wondering exactly what my role should be during this time of transition in our church. My wife and I are planning to move to Lafayette, Indiana to plant a new church, but Northwest Baptist is letting us stay here for some time during our fundraising efforts. I’m truly […]

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MyJournal — 08/01/2005 For the past few days, I haven’t been spending the time to do my 30 minutes a day. Oh, sure, I have an excuse or two, but they aren’t really good. Last Thursday, I was leading the wedding reception for Jonathan Kaushal, and that went from about 6:30 pm until about 11:00 […]

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# MyJournal — 7/18/05 10:48 pm # Today God helped me to accomplish a few things for the church plant. The major thing that I was able to do was to set up a dynamic graph that will automatically display our current support level according to two .csv files on our webserver. It’s something that […]

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MyJournal — 7/17/05 10:17 pm These past few days, God has been showing me that I need to take this spiritual renewal thing seriously. I have been focusing so many of my energies on the practical aspects of ministry. What I’m doing and what the church is doing and what other people are doing and […]

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MyJournal — 7/22/05 8:14 pm Things have gone pretty well for me today. Since it was a day off, I didn’t do that much, but I actually felt like today was just the same as any other day. In fact, I have begun to worry that I don’t have enough separation between my hobby life […]

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MyJournal – 7/21/05 8:21 pm Yesterday, God met me during my evening prayer time. I was over at the church at 7:30 like I had said for prayer, and a couple of other people showed up—Paul and Leah Witte came, and Eric Wilson (a new fellow) also was there. It was a really good time […]

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Talking with God

Some time ago, I was asked to do an exercise where I would write out a letter to God and then imagine he would write a letter back to me. The letters below are the result of that experience. You know, I just read it all again, and I can’t believe how true I think […]

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MyJournal — 7/19/05 9:36 pm Today has been a good day. This morning, we woke up pretty early to take the kids to go see Bob and Larry from the Veggie Tales show. They were making a guest appearance at the NBC news show downtown. So, not only did we get to see the two […]

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A decision has been made!

Well, it’s not the BIG decision, but it is a little decision. Jen and I will be telling our congregation this Sunday that God is leading us into church planting. We don’t have a definite location, and we don’t have a definite timeframe, but the indications all point to the fact that we probably won’t […]

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