My Transition Mission

For some time now, I have been wondering exactly what my role should be during this time of transition in our church. My wife and I are planning to move to Lafayette, Indiana to plant a new church, but Northwest Baptist is letting us stay here for some time during our fundraising efforts. I’m truly […]

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A decision has been made!

Well, it’s not the BIG decision, but it is a little decision. Jen and I will be telling our congregation this Sunday that God is leading us into church planting. We don’t have a definite location, and we don’t have a definite timeframe, but the indications all point to the fact that we probably won’t […]

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Indianapolis & Lafayette

Jen and I visited Indianapolis this weekend. There are some areas of Indianapolis that are absolutely booming with growth. It truly is remarkable to see that on the north side of the city, there are some counties with the highest growth rates in the nation. On the south side of the city, there is nearly […]

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Chesterton Update

We went to Chesterton this weekend. The original plan was to go to Jen’s parents’ place on Thursday night, hang out there with them, and then give the kids to their grandpa while Jen and I did some touring of the area. However, things didn’t work out that way. Jen’s dad was assigned to work […]

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Chesterton this weekend

We’re going to go to Chesterton, Indiana this weekend. We are planning to have a meeting with Pastor Bill of Liberty Bible Church this Friday, and then on Saturday, we plan to tour the city to see about the potential for a new ministry there. It’s another situation where there are already many churches, but […]

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Telling our church

Jen and I have already told the people on our Vision Team, but the rest of the congregation doesn’t know yet. I’m trying to decide whether I should tell our congregation before we know a target location or after. If we tell them before we have a target location, then perhaps they could join in […]

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Target Location

Please join us in prayer for the following locations: Northern Indianapolis (Zionsville, Westfield, Lawrence) Lafayette, Indiana Northwestern Indiana (Chesterton, Valparaiso) Elkhart Indiana

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