Questions About The Secret

Recently, I got this question from a member of our church and thought my response might help others too. Here’s the question: Jeff- I received an email from a Ukrainian student that was my roommate. She was on the border of accepting Christ but she recently wrote me about how she saw this movie called […]

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The Universe Needs a Creator

I believe in God because the universe needs a creator. The first reason I have for my own belief in God is that the universe needs a creator. WARNING: I have a degree in philosophy and some of the concepts I use for my belief in God require the use of some technical terms. Here’s […]

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The Downhill King Slide

In my last post in this category, I talked about the Cycle of Rebellion that plagued the nation of Israel beginning with the death of Joshua. Here’s a recap of what that cycle looks like: The Jews forsake God and his laws for foreign gods and immorality. God forsakes the Jews to foreign governments and […]

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