Homosexuality and the Bible

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I just completed my series of messages on the Bible (see sermon series Shhhh! God’s Talking) and during the series I spent a good amount of time dealing with tough questions of the Bible and tough questions about the faith, but one of the toughest questions that I had to deal with is God’s take […]

The Father: God’s will and human freedom

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This post is part of a series investigating the most important items of Christian doctrine. View all posts by clicking here or the DOGMA tag above. At the end of our service last Sunday, I took some live questions from the congregation. An interesting pattern revealed itself. Here are all the questions that came in: […]

American Beauty: A Lesson in Grace

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Tonight, Jen and I watched the movie American Beauty. It’s really interesting to me that I had never wanted to watch the movie at all. In fact, when the movie first came out, I was kinda disgusted that a movie like that had come to the American cinema at all. The theme seemed so dark, […]