2009 Commitment Sunday

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Yesterday was one incredible Sunday! For those of you who want to get the bullets first, here are the statistics on Lafayette Community Church’s 2009 Commitment Sunday:

  • 13 people were baptized.
  • 3 children were dedicated.
  • 152 people were in attendance.
  • $2500 (roughly) was donated.
  • 59 people signed the Community Commitment
  • 8 people signed the Associate’s Commitment

Now for the details.

The Purpose

Commitment Sunday is our annual moment to go on the record with God and with each other that we are committed for another year. Our God is all about commitment because he is deeply committed to us. From the earliest pages of the Bible, we read of God’s commitments to his people and his design for how people should be committed to each other.

Then, throughout the Bible, we read consistently of how God has bound himself to humans through the making of covenant promises, and yesterday, we took a look at two key covenant promises.

The first covenant promise was God’s promise to link himself with the children of Israel, and the second covenant was God’s promise to link himself as Father to all who would receive his Son.

In our church, we take the opportunity once a week to reaffirm our commitment to God through gathering for worship. We take the opportunity once a month to reaffirm our commitment to the redeeming work of Jesus for us as we share in communion. We take the opportunity once a year to reaffirm our commitment to this church and its core values by signing on the dotted line.

Yesterday was that day.

the lcc community commitment

Having put God first in my life through a commitment to Christ as his Son and the Bible as His Word, desiring to grow daily more like Jesus, motivated to use my gifts in ministry to others, and eager to follow God into the future he has for this church, I hereby commit myself to join the community of Lafayette Community Church for this year.

the lcc associate commitment

With a clear conviction that God’s will for me involves fellowship with the people of Lafayette Community Church, I commit to use this year to explore God’s simple commands to put him first, join in community, grow like Jesus, and use my gifts in ministry.

A day to remember

Because we take one day a year to highlight our commitment to God and his church, we get the joy of emphasizing on that one day every aspect of commitment we can. We had parents dedicate themselves (and their children) to God. We had people affirming their allegiance to Jesus through baptism. We shared communion together, and we actually signed commitments. I just know it was a memorable day for everyone.

Here’s the key question I asked people in my brief words yesterday…

The moment in history where God moved to save us was the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. The moment today when we remember the work of Jesus for us is communion, but the moment in an individual life is the moment of repentance (turning to God from sin and self) and baptism. When was your moment?

That’s really the big question. When was your moment? If you don’t know or you don’t have one, get one. I can help you if you want.

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