Another New Church is Starting in Lafayette

This Sunday launches the Grand Opening month for Connexion Christian Ministries in Lafayette, and it’s time for me to evaluate whether I’m really in favor of church planting or just my own church plant!


  • Church planting is the most effective method of evangelism in the world today.
  • Only 20-30% of the people in Tippecanoe County go to church on a given Sunday.
  • If all the churches were filled to capacity twice a Sunday, that would still total less than half the total population of this area.


  • Every individual church has a high amount of initial financial overhead. To effectively run a small contemporary church (100 in attendance) in our community these days takes an annual budget of at least $120,000. But if the attendance doubles, the budget needs do not double. With $240,000 that same church could serve 300-400 people! Therefore, is it a wise use of God’s finances to start new contemporary churches where there already are healthy contemporary churches?
  • There are already three contemporary churches in downtown Lafayette. Lafayette Community Church, Clear River Church, and The Bridge. So I wonder what the motivation is for this new church starting in the same area.
  • How does an unbeliever view the proliferation of churches? People these days are already critical of the proliferation of Starbucks, but they still buy the coffee because they love it. However, what about those who don’t like coffee? What do they think of the proliferation? Will they give Starbucks a shot because another one opened up down the street?


I am a competitive person, and Jesus says that the kingdom of heaven will be advanced by “forceful men” (Matthew 11:12). So the “competition” between churches is good for me and it prompts me to renew my passion to do things in our church right and to cooperate effectively with other churches.

I pray that God will reach this city, and that in His divine power, this new church will be part of making that happen.